The Proven Way to Get Faster Blister Packaging Throughput

Better throughput is essential for producing packaging efficiently. If blisters don’t run smoothly and consistently on your equipment, it can be a continual drain on your resources.

But we have the ideal solution. Our ComboBlister® program is a proven system that lets you keep production moving.

This unique proprietary combination-run blister program enables us to manufacture your blisters with other customer orders that have a common set-up. In other words, we group small runs of the same gauge on the same sheet so everyone shares the tooling costs.

We engineered our ComboBlister® program to give you unprecedented reliability. You won’t have to worry about whether or not your blisters will run smoothly and efficiently. We take all the variables into account so you can be confident you’ll get the throughput you need.

ComboBlister® is a complete system to give you trouble-free packaging.

Guaranteed Auto-Feed
The biggest benefit to having heat-seal tooling experts like us provide the blister and the tooling together is that it all comes with a unique guarantee that ensures reliability. When certain basic blister design criteria are met, our blisters are guaranteed to auto-feed. There’s never a reason to worry about expensive downtime. Throughput will be excellent.

Assessment of Your Production Line
We’re unique among blister suppliers in that we offer a complementary in-field assessment of your production line. Our experts will come to your facility, document the initial state of your equipment’s dimensional performance and time, and then provide pointers that can help you get the most out of your machines. The result is superior performance that delivers everything your equipment was designed for.

The Best Materials
We use only the highest-quality materials so you won’t have to worry about blisters stopping your auto-feed line because they don’t de-nest well. We know what you need for fast, reliable production. Our experience and insight bring you materials that perform well time after time.

Integrated Design and Engineering
We design your blisters and tooling simultaneously, on the same CAD/CAM system. This is the only way to completely ensure compatibility and run-ability on your line. We’re experts on all brands of packaging equipment and we keep manufacturers’ latest technical specs on file, so we can build products and tooling that will perform flawlessly no matter who built your equipment.

Easy Replacement of Tools
All our tools and parts are CNC machined and then engraved with a heat-seal job number. So if you ever break something, all you have to do is send us the part number. We’ll open your file and quickly build an exact replacement to get you back up and running ASAP. You no longer have to worry about unnecessary downtime because of tool issues.

Stop struggling with less than ideal throughput. Transparent Container’s ComboBlister® program is a proven system that lets you keep your line moving and reduce costs.

Contact a Transparent Container sales associate today to find out what ComboBlister® can do for your company.