Work that delivers results!


Aircraft manufacturer CubCrafters faced the challenge of marketing an all-new airplane that looked nearly identical to a classic vintage design, but in fact offered far greater performance and comfort. My video script highlighted the improvements, engaging prospects with tantalizing benefits set to breathtaking visuals.

RESULTS: The video is the most popular of the 80+ videos on the company’s YouTube channel, attracting more than 190k views and contributing significantly to the success of this $300k aircraft.


World automotive auction leader Manheim faced brutal competition as it entered the online market with its new Manheim Express app. My trade-show branding used bold headlines to cut through the clutter and aggressively boost awareness in crowds of highly qualified prospects.

RESULTS: App downloads exceeded company goals by 400%, with sales beating projections by 200%.


vAuto’s line of automotive-dealer software was popular with large franchises, but not with smaller independents. My email copy shifted perceptions by enticing independent dealers to see how the product has improved the life and livelihood of business owners like them.

RESULTS: Qualified sales inquiries for the product increased 25% within the first month, allowing vAuto to meet independent-dealer sales goals for the first time.


Packaging supplier Transparent Container pioneered the combination-run blister manufacturing process, but was fighting increased competition from manufacturers mimicking it. My web copy quickly and clearly explained the superiority of Transparent Container’s program over that of rival companies.

RESULTS: Improved conversion and lead generation allowed company to regain lost market share.


Aircraft manufacturer CubCrafters needed to attract media attention and build awareness for its new emergency parachute system. My press release and FAQ page highlighted the product’s benefits clearly and succinctly, while still including specific details the company’s highly technical audience demands.

RESULTS: Extensive media coverage in all appropriate aviation publications — one print magazine even published the release verbatim as a short feature article.


Online automotive magazine EngineLabs wanted deep, technical coverage of an advertiser’s new multi-coil ignition system for classic V8s. My article comprehensively illuminated the topic, with a detailed discussion of the product and insightful quotes from my interview of a veteran industry expert.

RESULTS: The published article drew praise from EngineLabs’ editor for its nuanced treatment of a cutting-edge new high-performance engine product.


Leading motorsports magazine Performance Racing Industry wanted to uncover the techniques that tracks, sanctions, and promoters are using to attract fans and racers to events. My in-depth feature article discussed the subject with some of the top organizations in motorsports, who shared their valuable insights.

RESULTS: Readers got proven, actionable ideas for bringing greater success to their businesses and race teams.


Performance Racing Industry magazine wanted to explain to its readers the hidden cost gains of upgrading to modern parts-cleaning equipment sold by advertisers. My feature article revealed quantifiable benefits of these products in a manner that was easy-to-understand and compelling.

RESULTS: Significant awareness increases and lead-generation improvement for suppliers listed in the article.