Great writing is my passion — my life’s work. And that gives me the power to crush it every day for automotive aftermarket companies like yours. Here’s why:

• I’m a diehard car guy. I live and breathe everything automotive.
• I’m an expert marketer. I know how to sell with my words.
• I’m a seasoned journalist. I write things that people love to read.

Put it all together, and you have a ridiculously potent combination. Think about it — how many other automotive writers have you met that can craft copy and content that sells products and gets leads, but still entertains and builds a loyal audience?

You won’t find many. I know this for a fact — I’ve met just about all the writers who can. It’s a small club indeed.

There are thousands of marketing writers out there. And there are crowds of automotive journalists kicking around. But combining the two? That doesn’t happen often.

And that’s my power play.

So stop messing around with marketing copywriters that are clueless about cars, or “auto writers” that don’t know how to really sell things. You CAN get it all in one package!

And you’ll see big results in your bottom line. I absolutely guarantee it.

Call, message, or email me today for a free consultation. There’s no obligation, and I’ll give you lots of ideas, insight, and inspiration to make your project more powerful and successful.


P.S. In the meantime, take a look at what some of my clients say about my work. They LOVE what I do for them — I won’t settle for anything less!

“Thanks for your work on the landing page copy! We’re really happy with the options you provided … great work!”
— Kaitlin Kulovitz, Account Manager

“Nicely done! Great work. Thanks!”
— Greg Morris, Founder / COO

“The work you did for us on this campaign was great. It was a pleasure working with you.”
— Max Messina, Marketing Manager

“Dave, this is great! Good job. Thanks!”
— Kelly Cherwin, Content Director

“Spectacular work. Looking forward to future collaborations!”
— Nathan Weber, Editor

“I’m extremely grateful you were able to jump in and do this video script!”
— John Whitish, Marketing Manager

“A big lift of the cap to Dave Bellm …. Thanks a lot for this wonderful story.”
— Karl Ludvigsen

“Helluva job! Terrific Story.”
— D. Randy Riggs, Editor

“Dave is a great writer who knows how media works … I thoroughly recommend him.”
— Linda Casey, Editor

“Boy you weren’t kidding when you said the article was coming out great … it’s fantastic!!”
— Edris Hilborn, President

“Great stories!”
— Ron Adams, Editor-in-chief / Publisher