XCub Overview Video Script
Length: Approximately 5 minutes

With its short-field performance and overall strength, the Cub platform has always been uniquely capable. To advance every aspect of this aircraft, CubCrafters designed XCub.

Built on an entirely new airframe consisting of chromoly steel, titanium, aluminum, and over 100 carbon composite parts, it delivers unmatched strength, while trimming every possible ounce.

With a useful load as high as 1084 pounds, XCub can carry two adults, full fuel, and easily handle enough gear for a weekend expedition.

A new cowl design delivers low-drag cooling. Aileron pushrods mounted internally eliminate cables and pulleys. The new streamlined spring gear boosts overall performance and adds up to 14 miles per hour to cruise speeds.

To take full advantage of these aerodynamic improvements, we outfitted XCub with a constant-speed composite prop that’s both extraordinarily lightweight and efficient. These changes add up to significant performance increases, with a top speed of 153 miles per hour and a cruise of 145 miles per hour. Endurance may be stretched to well over 1000 miles.

To improve yaw stability and overall handling at these speeds, we designed a vertical fin. To further refine handling, we completely re-engineered the ailerons and the way pilots interact with them. Control balance was optimized by adding an aileron cove, modifying the airfoil, and repositioning the hinge lines. This resulted in improved aileron response, lower lateral control loads, and natural centering.

XCub truly redefines the performance envelope for this family of aircraft.

XCub’s ergonomics give pilot and passenger the comfort and confidence for long cross-country flights.

High seat positioning, low side windows, the vast skylight, and low-profile instrument panel assure a panoramic view.

The stick is comfortably and precisely positioned. The meticulous fit and finish carries throughout the entire airplane. Available Scottish-leather seats feature memory foam cushions to assure comfort and circulation for extended cross-country flights.

Twelve storage areas, two bottle holders, four USB charging ports, and two 12-volt power outlets are all easily accessible. A unique backseat console holds both phones and tablets.

Every detail has the precision and refinement you’d expect from CubCrafters’ flagship model.

With remarkable STOL performance, unmatched useful load, class-defining speed, and impressive cross-country range, XCub is sure to please even the most demanding pilots.